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Article: Design Spotlight: Gold Nile Delta

Design Spotlight: Gold Nile Delta - Blake Mill

Design Spotlight: Gold Nile Delta

Versatile viscose!  

Curated for optimum breathability, our viscose silhouette is a lightweight shirt that gives a classic-fit body, a quintessential option throughout the summer season. The open collar structures this casual shirt with a relaxed style that can be complemented by your preferred accessories, perhaps a simple chain or a neckerchief to wick away unwanted moisture. Tightly woven for a smoother finish, viscose is made up of a poplin fabric with a higher thread count. The polished appearance of our viscose shirts also makes them an efficient option for easy fashion, not creasing as easily as normal poplin fabric.  

Find our viscose fabric shirts in an assortment of bold prints, currently found in our signature Short Sleeve Shirts category, the epitome of summer attire. 

Gold Delta Open Collar Viscose Shirt 

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Design Spotlight: Oxford Shirts - Blake Mill

Design Spotlight: Oxford Shirts

Look timeless in an Oxford shirt  Crafted with organic cotton, Blake Mill Oxford Shirts are one of our sustainable designs that are recommended as a relaxed formal shirt with signature accents from...

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