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We Make Shirts For Individuals

Maybe we’re oddballs round here (we do get strange looks) but we wanted to design a new sort of shirt. We were bored of stripes and checks. We wanted to do something completely different. We wanted to tell stories.
Most of all we wanted to make shirts for those who forge their own path. For the dreamers and the poets, the rebels and the gamblers (more).

We Make Superb Shirts

Style is nothing without substance. So early on we decided our shirts had to be superbly made. The finest fabrics. Perfect stitching. Exquisite fit. We could say more, a lot more, but you’re probably not as obsessive we are. Should you be interested though, click here for an awful lot more detail.

A New Form Of Fashion

Despite the video of Matthew waving a Viking broadsword around, we do care. Fashion has done harm. Exploitation, appalling factories, child labour. We choose to differ. Our manufacturing helps people rather than exploiting them.

A New Form of Fashion

We admire free thinkers. So we named ourselves after the man who inspired us, and the building we work in, which inspired him.

William Blake was born in 1757. He was a poet and painter, largely unrecognised during his lifetime, but now considered an enormous figure in the Romantic Age. He was idiosyncratic and very much an individual.

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