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Article: Thoughts From A West End Stylist

Thoughts From A West End Stylist - Blake Mill

Thoughts From A West End Stylist

Juliana is one of West End's most respected stylists; her business Juliana Personal Styling is used by politicians, business people and celebrities who trust Juliana to give them the perfect look for their lifestyle. Juliana looks at the psychology of dressing, taking into account the many aspects of a client's lifestyle when creating the perfect capsule wardrobe. For men and women, an outfit needs to reflect the client's personality, enhance their physique, maintain comfort and ease and send the right message. Working from her Mayfair base Juliana offers a wide range of styling services, from wardrobe reviews and personal styling through to garment design.

Jualiana: Selecting a warddrobe for someone is all about psychology. It's about being able to see that person for who they really are, and judge which clothes will best say that about them. It can be very personal. You're going into people's houses, very successful people's houses, and critiquing their personal taste. And sometimes you have to tell them what their partner or close friends won't. It helps if you're approachable, and very diplomatic.

Juliana's 'Golden Rules'

As a general guide, we asked Juliana if she could distill her vast experience down to some simple 'golden rules'. 


“We may all be unique, but there are some golden rules that apply to us all.”

Rule One: Try to make your clothes as individual as you are. People are drawn to characters, so try to project your character rather than disguise it with anonymous clothes. First impressions are based on what we see rather than what we hear. Look good, always. First impressions last; be remembered for the right reasons.

Rule Two: When choosing a new look think of the two Fs…. Fit and Flatter. Don't compromise on fit and make sure the clothes flatter you. Don’t hesitate to ask for a professional unbiased opinion, this will avoid having a wardrobe full of unworn clothes!

Rule Three: Ask twice, buy once. Choose colours and prints that work in harmony with your personality and your hair and eye colour. For example, black can rob a man of personality. And avoid pale shirts, especially cream, if you have a pale complexion. 

Rule Four: We are all different proportions, alterations are often required and they can sometimes be costly, but they are definitely worth the investment. Presentation is everything, allow your personality to shine through your clothes.

Rule Five: People look at your eyes first, then their gaze tends moves down. Your shirt collar is one of the first things they see. It must be well made, hold its shape, and fit.

Rule Six: If you want to change your look do so gradually. You probably won't feel comfortable evolving your look in giant leaps, take incremental steps.

Rule Seven: Don't wear multiple patterns. like Blake Mill's should be matched with plain jeans and plain jackets. Don't over do the colour!

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