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Here are the standards we hold ourselves to as a brand that strives to produce the best products for our customers.

Botanical Gardens Shirt - Blake Mill

Blake Mill

We are bold.

We set ourselves one standard with our design: be different. We make distinctive, imaginative garments for individuals.

Cherry Blossom Shirt - Blake Mill

Blake Mill

We are Perfectionists.

We are as committed to quality as we are to design. We obsess over fine details. Every new garment is made and remade until it meets our exacting standards.

White with Creative Leap Accents Shirt - Blake Mill

Blake Mill

We Care.

Everyone involved with the manufacture of our clothes works in a safe environment, is properly paid, and treated with respect.  

We’ve removed single-use plastics from nearly everything we do and we use recycled and recyclable packaging.

Blue Blossoms Open Collar Shirt - Blake Mill

Blake Mill

We listen.

We poll our customers to find out what they want.    

We don’t put people on hold, or fob them off with chatbots. We’re people, we answer the phone calls and emails in person, and we listen.   

We don't call this ‘brand leading customer service’, we call it ‘common courtesy’.