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Made In Britain

Made to measure

Blake Mill has carefully curated a 'Made in Britain' collection, offering a bespoke range of fine cotton men's shirts.

Made in Britain

Without Compromise

Designed with one of the world’s finest cotton fabrics, spun and woven here in Britain, the Made In Britain range meets the highest standards of British tailoring with 150 made-to-measure men’s shirts.

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Made to Measure

Always a Perfect Fit

To experience the perfect fit of a Blake Mill made-to-measure cotton shirt, book your appointment with a selected tailor in London or Manchester. Here, your measurements will be taken, and the creation of your custom-fit shirt will begin.

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English Fine Cottons

Incomparable Quality

Based in an old building, full of the most modern technology available, the English Fine Cottons spinning mill is one of a kind here in Europe. Just ten miles from Blake Mill, they pride themselves in sourcing and spinning the finest cotton on the planet to create signature men’s shirts.

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Our Prints

The Designs that made us famous

Using cutting-edge printing technology to reduce environmental impact, Blake Mill’s fabric printer is a UK-based company that has made it possible to print our designs onto English Fine Cotton’s fabric, bringing our menswear vision to life. 

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The Cotton

The longer the fibre, the smoother and stronger the fabric

Blake Mill has carefully selected Supima ELS for the Made In Britain range, from English Fine Cottons. Extra-long staple (ELS) cotton is considered the finest, with a high lustre and unrivalled softness, making them highly prized and the most expensive of all the cotton varieties. 

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Provenance / Sustainability

A fabric you can trust

English Fine Cottons have enshrined provenance in its company values. They buy their cotton directly from the growers to ensure they’re 100% certain of its traceability. 

Many claim to use the finest fabrics but Blake Mill can guarantee it. No child labour, no abusive practices, just ethical and sustainable fabric.

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100% Purity

A refined approach

These are 250kg bales of the finest Supima cotton waiting to be spun. By removing just one bale and replacing it with inferior cotton, the feel and finish could be flawed.  

Every day vast amounts of cotton are ‘cut’ in the fashion industry, Blake Mill guarantees 100% purity, sustaining a refined approach towards contemporary menswear.

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