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Article: Blake Mill sets bold path forward with new advisory board

Blake Mill sets bold path forward with new advisory board - Blake Mill
Blake Mill

Blake Mill sets bold path forward with new advisory board


Ken Hoang   Samy Zekhout  Anthony Cutherbertson

Manchester based menswear innovator Blake Mill, announced today the exciting establishment of a new advisory board. This move signals the next chapter in the brand's growth story as they look to bring their unique fashion perspective to a global stage. The newly appointed board brings together top-tier expertise from across fashion, finance, and technology sectors.

The board includes Anthony Cuthbertson, formerly Global Creative Director at Ted Baker, who led the company's creative direction, brand, and product design across the globe. Cuthbertson's exceptional experience with international fashion houses like TOPSHOP and Roberto Cavalli will inform Blake Mill's creative trajectory as they move towards a broader customer base.

Adding his robust financial leadership to the board, Samy Zekhout, the current CFO of Europe's top frozen foods company, Nomad Foods, and former divisional CFO of Procter & Gamble, a major American multinational consumer goods corporation. His tenure at P&G saw him overseeing finance for Global Grooming, a division that included Gillette, a renowned brand known for safety razors and other personal care products. Samy, who also has a deep appreciation for unique design, will utilise his extensive financial insight to navigate Blake Mill's strategic business expansion.

Finally, Ken Hoang, a Silicon Valley veteran with a rich history in identifying and leveraging market changing technologies, joins the board. Hoang, who holds multiple patents in data management and visualisation, will infuse Blake Mill's expansion strategy with tech insights, essential to modern fashion enterprises.

Reinventing classics, Blake Mill is run by a team dedicated to creating unique, premium quality fashion that enables men to convey their personality with confidence. Founded by Steve French, Ken Price and Ross French in 2018, the brand is committed to innovation as much as design, engaging with their community of customers, artists and partners to create garments for those who want to express their individuality.

Taking inspiration from all around, be it freedom of speech, barbed wire fencing or the endless march of time, all shirts and other garments within the range tell a story and are truly original.

Co-founder Ken Price says, "Our shirts are more than just garments. They're expressive narratives. By choosing Blake Mill, customers share their unique story with the world, embarking on a path of individualistic fashion."

The advisory board's formation propels Blake Mill from a UK-focused brand to a global fashion enterprise. Through their combined expertise, Blake Mill looks forward to engaging the international market and continuing their legacy of empowering men to dare to dress differently.

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