Working in association with 'Mind' to donate to the charity via 'Work for Good'


In our society, acceptance is key, and we learn more about embracing our differences every day. Yet, it’s a worrying fact: Today in the UK, 1 in 4 people suffer with mental health problems. Some get the help they need, but many don’t.  

Charities like Mind work tirelessly on a global basis to help people in crisis. Here at Blake Mill, we aim to highlight the importance of communicating, ensuring that our customer base knows they are not alone in speaking openly about their mental health challenges.  

Making discussion about what’s going on in our head more acceptable for men and women alike, Mind strives for a more tolerant society for both the young and the old. 

‘No one should feel ashamed to talk about their mental health,’ said Ken Price, CEO of Blake Mill.’ 

‘By bringing men’s fashion and this wonderful charity together, it’s our way of showing that we not only care – but we’re in touch with who our customers really are and how they deserve to be treated.’ 

By not only expressing our values towards mental health, working in association with Mind allows us to donate to the charity via Work for Good, providing just a small contribution in comparison to the amazing and gratifying work they do.