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Forest of Dreams (Limited Edition)

Sale price£165


Inspired by art, our 'Limited Edition’ shirts feature one, non-repeating design across the entire chest. Each shirt will be one of just five hundred ever made.

We’ve upgraded the fabric to have a softer touch, with a small amount of stretch, and a deep natural sheen. A new concealed button placket allows the 'Forest of Dreams' art to flow uninterrupted across the chest. Finally, we upgraded the buttons, and embroidered the name and collection of the design into the underside of the collar.

Every shirt comes in our 'Premium Packaging' at no extra charge. 


How do you create an artistic masterpiece? In this case, one of our designers fell asleep (probably at work) and entered a surreal forest in a dream state. The only thing we can say in sleeping beauty’s defence is that he at least had the decency to draw his dream when he woke up. He also came up with an elaborate title for his work. It included words like ‘metaphysical’ and ‘transcendental’. We deleted all of them. Mainly because we don’t know what they mean.  

Forest of Dreams (Limited Edition)
Forest of Dreams (Limited Edition) Sale price£165